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The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden recently had a backlash with the event they presented in their gacha game. This is due to the controversy related to the premium shop, where players are required to buy microtransactions to unlock the full experience of the event in the game.

This Information was obtained by a YouTube video account from FG3000, a gacha game Youtuber who highlight the controversy.

The video indirectly opens comments and debates regarding the event, to their disappointment with the premium shop event. One comment revealed that when they saw the premium shop, they immediately questioned whether many people thought that was okay, and it seemed like the company really just wanted to take the money from your wallet.

Event Shops are game shops that appear in the game for a brief period and allow players to buy a variety of products by participating in the event. In general, the money used to purchase products in the event shop will be provided to players for free when they complete tasks in the game. This event is typically used by free-to-play gamers to purchase desired stuff or to participate in gacha to obtain the best characters that they want.

Unfortunately, it was discovered in Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden that in order to open the event store, users must purchase microtransactions or premium items in the game. This make it seems that the company is running promotions to entice people to spend money on the event.

Until this article is being released there is no information related to the company related to the comments and backlash they get. And the developers haven’t even spoken out, maybe this will be the last time The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden will do this premium shop event, but who knows what will happen in the future, right?

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