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Genshin Impact Tips for Character EXP for Levelling is pretty useful for those that love to play the game. Right now, we are going to create a few tips regarding the character EXP chart for levelling in the game. Here are some of the Genshin Impact Tips Character EXP Chart for levelling purpose, check it out!

How much MORA and Hero Wits to Use in Genshin Impact for Levelling?

Level EXP EXP % of Total Mora Hero’s Wit Used
20 120,175 2% 28,000 7
40 578,825 7% 116,000 29
50 579,100 7% 116,000 29
60 854,125 10% 172,000 43
70 1,195,925 14% 240,000 60
80 1,611,875 19% 324,000 81
90 3,423,125 41% 688,000 172
Total 8,363,150 100% 1,684,000 421

The table above lets you see how EXP, Mora, and Hero Wits you can use to reach the level that you want. Of course, the cost might be a little less than the in-game or more, but this will give you an image regarding the adventure experience needed for a level cap. In total, the player will need a total of 1684000 Mora and 421 Hero wits with a total of 8363150 exp to get to level 90 for each of your characters in the game.

Tips on Levelling up your characters:

Each character in the game can upgrade their Ascension to level 2 if and only if they had been to level 40. This is the bare minimum for your support and you can use 9% of the resource so even if you change there won’t be any problem.

Not only that, but when you unlock Ascension 4, you will need to make your character level 60, and depending on your character usage and META, this would make a big difference in your time strength.

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