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Wemade Entertainment has released a new update events with bunch of rewards for their mobile MMORPG game MIR4 to celebrate the end of the year 2022.

This game received an update a few hours ago, introducing Yiun’s Letter of Hopes Event with a variety of appealing prizes for those who continue to play the game until the end of the year. Beginning with the 14-day check-in login event, users can earn a variety of appealing rewards for two weeks by just playing the game until January 23.

Diving Dragon Blessing Tickets, Rare Noirsoul Herbs, Epic Blue Dragon Statues, Coffer of Hopes, Rare Dragon Spheres, Rare Mystical Piece Boxes, and Legendary Blue Dragon Statues are among the prizes available to players to be exchanged with the rewards given/

Following that, Yiun’s Letter of Hopes event, which debuted at the start of the new year, offers a bunch of rewards for those that collect Letters of Hopes. Here there are more than 1000 Letters of Hopes that can be collected every day from monsters that are at level 20 above or below the character level.

Yiun will be available in cities and all existing villages, where players can replace the 1000 letters of Hope for several attractive prizes such as Enhancement stones, boxes of hopes and many more.


Apart from that, Mir4 also presents new events on their official Facebook with several winners getting summoning tickets. If you are interested, you can download MIR4 on Android Play Store and iOS App Store!

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