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Ragnarok Arena Guide that we are going to give is a resource that provides information about each class and jobs in the game. This game includes details about the characteristics and strengths of these classes, as well as recommendations for when and how to use them.

Ragnarok Arena is a gacha RPG set in the world of Ragnarok Online, a popular MMORPG. It features the classic classes from the series as well as a selection of iconic monsters that players can collect and add to their battle teams through a gacha-style system.

This guide aims to provide useful information to help players make informed decisions about which classes and jobs to use in the game.

Ragnarok Arena Guide Class Guide:


Ragnarok Arena Jobs Guide

Acolyte is a class in Ragnarok Arena that specializes in support and healing. Their abilities allow them to heal their teammates, remove debuffs, and slow down enemies. Acolytes play a crucial role in a team by helping to keep their allies healthy and providing support through skills that reduce damage taken and hinder enemies. They are essential for maintaining the balance of a team and helping it to succeed in battle.


  • HP: 109,000
  • DEF: 568
  • ATK: 4,406
  • MDEF: 643
  • MATK: 6,722


  • Coluceo Heal
  • Cure
  • Slow
  • Accelerate


Thief is a class in Ragnarok Arena that excels at dealing damage to enemies while also having strong defenses. They are agile and able to reduce the damage they take through their active skills. Thieves are skilled at using sharp weapons to attack enemies at close range, making them effective at quickly dealing damage while also minimizing their own risk of injury.


  • HP: 120,000
  • DEF: 611
  • ATK: 7,124
  • MDEF: 578
  • MATK: 4,378


  • Cross Impact
  • Double Attack
  • Sand Attack
  • Dodge


Swordsman is a class in Ragnarok Arena that is skilled at both dealing damage with their swords and tanking by blocking enemy attacks with their shields.

They are able to effectively engage in melee combat, using their swords to deal damage to enemies and their shields to protect themselves and their allies. This makes them well-suited to serving as tanks, able to absorb enemy attacks and allow their teammates to deal more damage.


  • HP: 112,000
  • DEF: 557
  • ATK: 7,589
  • MDEF: 557
  • MATK: 4,685


  • Dragon Breath
  • Bash
  • Fatal Blow
  • HP Recovery


Ragnarok Arena Jobs Guide

Merchant is a versatile class in Ragnarok Arena that has the ability to fulfill a variety of roles. They are primarily focused on dealing damage with melee weapons, but also have some crowd control skills.

Merchants are skilled at using melee weapons to attack enemies and can also use their skills to disrupt enemy movements. Additionally, their love of collecting zeny, the in-game currency, can help them to acquire useful items for use in battle.


  • HP: 106,000
  • DEF: 600
  • ATK: 6,871
  • MDEF: 557
  • MATK: 4,449


  • Cart Tornado
  • Mammonite
  • Cart Revolution
  • Crazy Uproar


Ragnarok Arena Jobs Guide

Mage is a class in Ragnarok Arena that excels at dealing powerful magic attacks to one target or group of enemies but has low health. They are highly focused on damage, but have relatively weak defenses and are susceptible to injury.

To compensate for this, it is important for Mages to stay behind their teammates and avoid getting too close to enemies. If you enjoy dealing high amounts of damage, this class may be well-suited to your play style.


  • HP: 101,000
  • DEF: 514
  • ATK: 4,640
  • MDEF: 621
  • MATK: 7,935


  • Crimson Rock
  • Cold Bolt
  • Fire Ball
  • Thunderstorm


Ragnarok Arena Jobs Guide

Archer is a class in Ragnarok Arena that is skilled at dealing damage to enemies from a distance and providing support to their team through crowd control and healing abilities.

They prefer to stay away from enemies and use crossbow weapons to attack them from afar. In addition to their damage-dealing abilities, Archers also have skills that allow them to control crowds and heal their teammates.


  • HP: 100,000
  • DEF: 546
  • ATK: 8,017
  • MDEF: 482
  • MATK: 4,685


  • Arrow Storm
  • Double Strafe
  • Arrow Repel
  • Concentration

Those are some explanations for each job in Ragnarok Arena and hopefully, this guide will assist you in selecting the best jobs in the game.

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