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On January 11, 2023, Garena Free Fire, will release a new patch named OB38, which will bring new features and optimizations to improve the player’s experience. Also this year, they announced their first global partnership with Devil May Cry 5, which will be released in February 2023. The OB38 patch is a regular update that tries to raise the game’s level of competitiveness and adjust gameplay.

Here are the information and changes on the Free Fire updates, check them out!

Garena Free Fire OB38 Changes and Updates:

1. Weapon Glory Leaderboard

Free Fire is introducing a new leaderboard system, which will encourage players to improve their skills with different types of weapons. Players who reach the top 100 in each weapon category will receive a special title indicating their regional and national ranking. The leaderboards for the Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes will be separate.

2. Arsenal, Solo Revival, and New Item

The Battle Royale mode in Free Fire will be more exciting with an increased selection of weapons by using the Arsenal, including level 3 weapons and airdrops. Players can access these weapons by using a special key, which can be found through random loot or purchased from vending machines.

Additionally, players will have access to new equipment such as a Loot Radar that automatically finds loot and a Jammer that removes evidence of enemy team player movements. Players in Battle Royale Solo mode will also be able to automatically revive once during the first three minutes of each match.

3. Kenta and Skyler

Free Fire will make improvements to the characters Kenta and Skyler in order to increase the game’s challenge and balance. While firing, Kenta’s will be able to use a shield. The 5 meter wide shield created by Kenta’s Swordsmen’s Wrath talent can absorb 50% of frontal damage. Meanwhile, Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm skill will be substituted with damage per second, lengthening the time it takes to destroy Gloo Walls. HP Recovery will likewise be decommissioned.

4. New Character and Pet

Free Fire will introduce a new character called Santino, a fashion designer with a skill called Shape Splitter that can summon half-robot humans as protectors. Also, a new pet will be added to the game, it can aid players in battle by providing bonuses such as HP regeneration and increasing movement speed.

Overall, the OB38 upgrade for Free Fire brings a variety of new features and improvements to the game. From the new leaderboard system that encourages players to improve their skills with different weapons, to the addition of new characters, pets and equipment, this update promises to enhance the player’s experience and increase the level of competition.

The collaboration with Devil May Cry 5 is also exciting news for fans of the game. With these new changes and additions, players can expect to experience a whole new level of excitement and challenge when playing Free Fire.

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