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Century Games’ game Awaken: Chaos Era recently announce a crossover event with the popular anime/manga Attack on Titans. This collaboration is part of the first-anniversary celebration, which includes new content and collaborative goods for their fans.

Awaken Chaos Era and Attack on Titans Crossover

Players can meet iconic characters like as Eren, Mikasa, and Levi in Aurelica during the Awaken: Chaos Era and Attack on Titan collaboration event. This event will run two weeks, with Mikasa available only during the first week and Levi available just during the second. Every legendary hero obtained throughout the event has a 50% chance of becoming both.

Eren on the other hand will be given free for 7 days of the login event, and players can get other characters by completing missions.

During the event, players will need to battle the Colossal Titan to protect The Kingdom of Talin, which has been preparing to combat the monster. To defeat the Titan, players must destroy their hands and head; each part has its own health and ability attributes, and players must utilize multiple skills of their team’s abilities to win.

Awaken Chaos Era

If you are interested in participating and meeting Eren, Mikasa and Levi then you can download Awaken Chaos Era now for free on Android and iOS!

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