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Petra is a character in the game Eversoul. She belongs to the Undead faction. The information provided about her is taken from the in-game Soulpedia.

Eversoul is a stunning anime RPG game that offers players a visually captivating experience. With beautifully crafted Souls from 6 different factions, each with their own unique skills and battle animations, players can strategize epic battles and master faction advantages to form the ultimate Soul squad.

Petra Eversoul Character Profile

Petra is a character in the game Eversoul, her affiliation is with Team Undertaker. She stands at 144cm tall and has a birthday on April 23rd. Her hobbies include being absent-minded and collecting shiny things, her specialty is digging and navigating in the dark. She likes shiny things and pranks, and dislikes restraint and coercion. The voice of Petra is provided by Minejeong Yeo.

Petra Eversoul Costumes

  • Lighthouse of the Dead

Petra Eversoul Skills

Petra Eversoul is one of the character in Eversoul with the main skill of “Energy Absorption,” which allows her to recover HP by absorbing the surrounding energy and absorbing HP equal to 12% of the max HP of each enemy within 3m. At level 2, the HP absorption increases to 14%, and at level 3, it increases to 16% and absorbs 2 times the HP if there is only one enemy within 3m.

Petra has two sub-skills, “Soul Extortion,” which extorts the soul of the enemy with the highest ATK and locks it up in the lantern, and “Soul Release,” which releases the lamp-bound soul and grants a shield that absorbs damage to all allies.

Petra also has a passive skill “Fickle Grave Keeper,” which increases DEF by 60% if no ally exists within 2.5m around Petra and increases ATK by 30% if an ally exists within that range.

Petra’s ultimate skill is “Underworld Keeper’s Evil Eyes,” which activates Petra’s evil eyes, deals damage to all enemies, removes up to 2 buff effects, and Petra recovers HP equal to the damage dealt.

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