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Last January 12, 2023, NIKKE Goddess of Victory released its first update of the year, D_OUTSIDERS, which includes new SSR characters, chapters, and gameplay. Along with these updates, players will have the opportunity to participate in events that offer valuable rewards such as Recruit Vouchers, Enhancement Materials, and items that can be exchanged at the in-game shop. Here is the schedule for the events in NIKKE Goddess of Victory in January 2023!

NIKKE Events January 2023

NIKKE Events January 2023

NIKKE Events January 2023

1. D-OUTSIDER Story Event:

From 11-25 January 2023, players can participate in the D-Outsiders event to earn event items by completing missions.

These items can be exchanged for recruit vouchers and other rewards.

2. Welcome Back Event:

Players who have not played NIKKE for a while can take advantage of the Welcome Back Event, where they can receive various prizes simply by logging in.

3. 7-Day Login Event:

Players who log in between 12-31 January will receive a free Recruit Voucher to help them acquire the NIKKE they desire.

4. Coordinated Operation Events:

The event will be held on 20-22 January 2023, and require a team of 5 players, called Commanders or other players, to challenge Nihilister in Coordinated Operations.

Players will form teams with Union members, friends, or randomly matched players to fight and defeat the Nihilister.

Those who win will receive Broken Cores which can be exchanged for gems or development materials at the Recycling Shop.

These are the four events that will take place in January 2023 NIKKE Goddess of Victory. The Complete NIKKE Goddess of Victory Event Schedule for January 2023 is really helpful, especially for those of you looking for a range of free gifts.

NIKKE Goddess of Victory is a South Korean mobile gacha game that has sparked debate among its users. This game is available for both Android and iOS. If you’re interested, you can get it from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

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