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In this Genshin Impact element guide, we explain what elements are and how many there are in the game made by Hoyoverse and the Status effect given by each of those elements. All of Genshin Impact playable characters have at least one element. This one-of-a-kind skill originates from the Archons, who bestow gifts and elemental powers on other entities to survive in this world.

Elements are incredibly crucial in Genshin Impact games; learning how to use them and the descriptions of each element can save your life. In the following sections, we will present a few guidelines explaining how many elements are in the game and what status effect do they do on their own.

How many Elements are there in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Elements Status Effect

Genshin Impact Elements Status Effect

Genshin Impact has seven elements. Pyro, hydro, dendro, electro, anemo, cryo, and geo are all types of elements in the game.

Except for anemo and geo, each element has its own status impact. These elements, for the most part, do not do any harm but they are pretty useful in the game.

The information about each existing element and the status of the effect it provides is provided below.


  • The pyro element has little effect on its own. However, most pyros also cause a burn state, which forces foes to take burn damage for a few moments.


  • Hydro Element gives you a wet status effect that has no effect on enemies or players on their own.
  • This, however, renders you vulnerable to enemies who utilize electro components around you, while also making your enemies prone to electro effects.
  • Furthermore, when combined with cryo elements, it produces a freezing effect.


  • One of the two elements that has no status effect but, when combined, produces a Swirl effect that has a bigger element reaction than the other.


  • The Electro element will provide a stun effect that will temporarily halt enemy movement and attacks.


  • When used alone, the dendro element has no impact on its own, however, it does provide the element’s effect application, which can be utilized to create elemental reactions.


  • When it comes to Cryo element effects, players will experience element slow effects, which will slow down their mobility and attack speed.


  • One of the elements that has no status effect.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some information about Genshin Impact Elements. In addition to the most common elements listed above, we have also detailed the elemental reactions for each element, so please see our other article.

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