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After giving us a first look for Alhaitham, a new character in Genshin Impact v3.4 The Exquisite Night Chimes, Hoyoverse also presents a trailer at Yaoyao which will be released in the Genshin Impact update on January 18th. The polearm dendro cute character is going to be awesome, here are some facts regarding Yaoyao and her skills explanation.

Genshin Impact – Yaoyao Little Facts

Genshin Impact - Yaoyao

Yaoyao has charming and distinctive skills for players that adore polearm heroes. Yaoyao is Streetward Rambler’s youngest protégé and an adept who has protected Liyue for millions of years.

Yaoyao had a contract with Rex Lapis, and several adepts were learning together to protect Liyue. Streetward Rambler interacts with people the most, and Yaoyao is the organization’s youngest adept.

Despite being the youngest, this one character has great promise, with abilities and capabilities that rival those of the other characters. She is quite unusual, witty, and intelligent, therefore the masters and seniors are pleased with him. Jueyun Karst is the abode of these adepts, including Yaoyao’s residence.

Genshin Impact – Yaoyao Skills:

Yaoyao is a support character who uses a polearm as her main weapon and a dendro element as her main element. Her Element talents from Yaoyao, in which the genshin character throws a little bunny doll that will throw a radish towards the opponent, doing harm and healing allies who come into contact with the Radish.

Finally, Yaoyao’s elemental explosion displays three dolls that have the same effect of her elemental skills as her enemies. Yaoyao will gain 15% movement speed and 50% Dendro Resistance after performing her burst skill.

If you are interested in using Yaoyao, you can immediately download Genshin Impact and pull her as her and Alhaitham banner had been up right now.

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