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PokeWilds is a fan-made Pokemon game that is being developed using the libGDX engine that is available to download for free. The game is designed to offer players a visually stunning experience, with graphics reminiscent of the second generation of Pokemon games.

The game features large, open worlds filled with a diverse array of Pokemon to catch, train, and battle. The game’s worlds are generated procedurally, meaning that each playthrough offers a unique experience with different biomes and unique Pokemon. The game also includes new HMs that allow players to interact with the game world in new ways, such as building structures, climbing ledges, and starting fires.

The use of the libGDX engine allows the game to be played on multiple platforms, as well as support for multiplayer and large maps. The game is available for download at the link provided, and it’s a fun experience for those who are interested in playing the game.

Download PokeWilds

Download PokeWilds

PokeWilds is a Gen 2 game built using the libGDX engine that uses procedural generation to create large worlds with different biomes and unique monsters. The game uses sprites and animations from the console game to make it look and feel similar, but it also has some new capabilities like building structures and starting fires.

The benefit of using libGDX is that the game can support cross-platform play, multiplayer, large maps, and fullscreen mode.

Download PokeWorlds:

PokeWilds Gameplay:

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