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ZoldOut, a gacha SRPG developed by C4Cat Entertainment Limited, is ready to be released for PC and mobile with gameplay similar for those that loves Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics.  The game is reportedly set to be released on the global server on January 26th and offer engaging strategy gameplay.

The game is an SRPG with a steampunk theme, where players will have access to various battle units, each offering different advantages and each preferring different gameplay tactics.

ZoldOut Gameplay Explanation:

ZoldOut also offers deep customization options, varied enough to ensure players’ characters stand out among other players. Each character has 12 action points that can be used to perform actions in battle.

These battle points have the power to change the outcome of the battle itself, players can save these points or spend all of them at once causing heavy damage to the opposing team, the choice is up to the player.

Players can access various unique weapon cards, and use them to create their own deck. The game also offers players the opportunity to access various different weapon cards in the game, which can be used to add extra points to the damage of units that have the weapon card being used.

Players will also be allowed to fuse two different weapon cards to form a fully unique card. This adds a unique touch to the game that will only let players’ creative side loose. The game will also have unique bosses at every level, from moderate to difficult, the bosses are also developed on a progressive level, as players level up, the bosses in the game will do the same.

If interested, players can pre-register for ZoldOut now on Google Play, Apple Store, and Steam Store.

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