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If you love being a tank, then this Guardian guide in Bless Mobile is pretty useful for those that are looking to play the class in the MMORPG Games.

Guardian is a standout option for players looking for a tank class. Guardians are responsible for taking on enemies from the front and protecting allies in the back row. They possess skills such as taunt, increased defense for party members, and shield effects.

In addition, Guardians can also deal a decent amount of melee damage too. Here are the skill explanation for all guardian skills in the game Bless Mobile.

Bless Mobile – Guardian Skills Explanation

Guardians in Bless Mobile are best known for their high defense and durability, which makes them great tanks in the party.

They are able to absorb damage and protect allies in the back row. Guardians also have skills like Taunt and AOE skills such as Executioner’s Blade and Absolute Silence that can help control and damage multiple enemies at once, making them a powerful tool in protecting allies and keeping them alive during combat.

Additionally, Guardians have skills that provide defense buffs to allies and dispel debuffs from party members, making them a valuable addition to any party.

Here are all of the skill explanations:


Spinning Strike:

A melee AOE skill that allows the Guardian to spin and attack enemies in a wide range with the sword.

Vampire Blade:

This skill allows the Guardian to stab the enemy with sword and inflict damage.

Executioner’s Blade:

This skill allows the Guardian to land a heavy strike on the ground that causes a shockwave, striking the enemies in the area for x3 turns.


This skill allows the Guardian to deliver x2 hits with the shield and blade.


This skill allows the Guardian to charge damage to the enemy in front of them.

Absolute Defense:

This skill allows the Guardian to shield up and lands a heavy strike on the ground that makes the enemy fall on the ground.


This skill provides DEF buff to self-allies.

Remove Confinement:

This skill dispels debuff from party members.

Absolute Silence:

This skill allows the Guardian to multi strikes on the enemies with the silence effect.


This skill allows the Guardian to taunt effect, protecting allies by making enemy targets the Guardian only.


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