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Today, Level Infinite and Hotta Studio announced the release of their latest Simulacra or game character, Alyss, in Tower of Fantasy. On February 2, 2023, Alyss will join Tower of Fantasy, a popular free open-world MMORPG, in the Version 2.3: Wandering Amidst Miasma update.

Tower of Fantasy will celebrate its half-year anniversary with special gifts and opportunities for players at the same time as the release of this new Simulacra. Tower of Fantasy recently won the Google Play award for Best for Tablets, was nominated for Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards, and is now available for free on the official website, as well as the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

About Alyss, The New Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Alyss, codenamed M-sec 2000, is a new Special Forces agent whose exceptional abilities and work ethic are well-known throughout the Security Force.Despite her natural fighting ability, she trains diligently, always striving to outperform her peers. She is called upon to participate in high-level Security Force missions after achieving outstanding simulation results.

Alyss is a frost type user with a distinctive knife foot weapon, and she can transform into a fairy as a special mechanism to infiltrate her enemies.

To celebrate its half-year anniversary, Tower of Fantasy will give players an Early Top-Up Bonus after the Version 2.3 update.  This will allow players to receive double bonuses on their first top-up. Players can also participate in the official Crowd Creation project and submit their creations to win exclusive in-game prizes.

About Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game created by Perfect World subsidiary Hotta Studio. The game takes place in the far future on the planet of Aida, which has been tainted with a mysterious but potent radioactive energy known as Omnium following a catastrophe that nearly wiped out human civilization and changed the planet’s biosphere.

The game is released on androidiOS, and PC!

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