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Here are some of the best fighter heroes in Mobile legends that you can use in the game. Despite having many heroes in the game, Mobile Legends heroes, there are actually not that many hero that are included in the META including the fighter role.

There are some fighter heroes are in META because of their overpowered abilities, are frequently banned, and are frequently chosen by players and this is why we are going to recommends you some.

This is an excellent opportunity to recommend some must-have Mobile Legends fighter heroes for 2023. Look at the article below.


This hero became extremely overpowered, especially after Moonton’s significant buff. Leomord has insane damage, critical hits, thick blood, and an annoying late game. Furthermore, when using Barbiel, not only does Leomord’s damage increase, but so do its defense and skills. In the late game, he can destroy your teams. Definitely a must-have hero these days!


Martis, the second must-have hero, after receiving a buff from Moonton. Because of its ultimate ability to kill enemies, this fighter is ideal as an anti-CC and anti-tanker.

Martis, armed with the core item Bloodlust Axe, can easily disrupt enemies with a single slash of skill 2. Those who have met Martis have already experienced his brutality.


A new fighter hero in Mobile Legends, rumored to be coming soon to the Original Server. This Arlott hero in Mobile Legends has a high damage output, annoying cc effects, and the ability to chase down enemies.

Despite being difficult to use, this hero appears to be in the Mobile Legends META and has become one of the must-have fighter heroes. However, we must still wait for the hero’s release date first.


Best Fighter Mobile Legends

Moonton’s latest revamp for Minshittar will include improved abilities when using ultimate, skill 2, and skill 1. This revamp not only improves its appearance to make it more HD, but it also improves its abilities. Moonton reduced the damage and attack speed of this fighter hero by 2x in a row in several patch notes on the Mobile Legends advance server.


Best Fighter Mobile Legends

One of the easier heroes to use in games, even in high-level games. Balmond only requires one core item, the bloodlust axe, to increase his health whenever he deals damage with his skills. And by defeating the enemy’s minion, he gains not only health but also the ability to withstand the enemy’s onslaught. Definitely a must-have hero for the game.

These are some recommended must-have fighter heroes in Mobile Legends 2023. What do you think about the list above? Do you agree? What do you think is the best fighter hero right now?

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