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A new announcement has arrived from Krafton developer, introducing a teaser related to a new map that will be released in the game New State.

The teaser is brief and contains no information, but the images and details are shown to provide some hints. The game recently received a new content update, and it appears that more will be added in the future.

This update includes some new information and content for players who previously requested a new map from the developer.

From the Teaser, We Will Likely Get a Desert New Map – New State

According to the tweets above, players should be getting the new map soon. The teaser suggests that a desert-themed map will be added to the game. Some landmarks can be seen, such as a bridge at the top and an oasis that may serve as a looting location in the game.

The trailer’s visuals show “Keep Your Eyes Open,” implying that New State Mobile is warning players to be wary of the arrival of the new map in the game. Although details are scarce, we can expect new content in the Battle Royale mobile game New State Mobile.

If you’re interested, you can download New State Mobile on the Android app store and iOS App Store.

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