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NetEase Games has announced that its new mobile racing game, “Ace Racer,” will be available in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia on March 16th. The pre-registration campaign is currently underway, with exciting rewards.

“Ace Racer” is a new mobile racing game in which users compete against one another using unique skills. This game’s trademark features are precision controls and quick action, but it’s not simply the speed of the cars that influences the fate of the race.

The game includes unique skill and abilities for each car, making racing intriguing and breaking away from standard paradigms. The skills’ sights and noises create an arcade-like experience, while the controls are basic and accessible to all players, including beginners.

The game includes breathtaking global courses, a vast collection of over 100 models from 25 well-known automobile manufacturers, and the opportunity to modify cars with paint, stickers, wheels, lights, and license plates. There is also a 3-vs-3 competitive option, which allows users to form teams with friends and play different roles.

Ace Racer

“Ace Racer” pre-registration has begun and will be officially released on March 16th for Android and iOS!

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