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Genshin Impact is a popular RPG game that recently received a substantial update in version 3.5. The addition of a new character to the game is one of the most anticipated elements for players. Dehya, one of the new characters, will join the Standard banner following the update. The good news is that gamers who do not willing to pass up the chance to purchase Dehya can do so through Gacha. In the next Genshin Impact version 3.6, Dehya will be available in the Standard Banner.

Dehya is a Pyro elemental with the Claymore weapon. Her inclusion in the game may appear strange given that Diluc is also a Pyro element character. Yet, Dehya’s appearance as an uncommon character provides variation to Genshin Impact’s gameplay.

The Standard Banner currently contains 6 *5 characters such as Diluc, Keqing, Qiqi, Mona, Jean, and Dehya. Each character represents a different element. With these characters present, gamers can select which character best matches their gameplay.

The characters that players control in Genshin Impact determine their gaming strength. As a result, acquiring uncommon characters such as Dehya will surely add excitement to the gameplay!

Genshin Impact has just received update 3.4 and will soon receive version 3.5, which will include two new characters, Dehya and Mika! With these new update, players may look forward to exploring the game.

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