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Mobile Legends is a popular mobile game with millions of players worldwide. In the game, Arlott is considered one of the strongest offlaners, making it difficult for other EXP Laners to defeat. However, there is a hero that is highly effective against or in a sense a counter for Arlott and other heroes with plenty of Anti cc which is Joy. In this blog post, we will explore why Joy is an excellent choice for countering Arlott.

Why Joy is a Great Choice for Countering Arlott?

Arlott Counter

Joy has an immune skill that is present in her second skill and can be spammed, allowing her to easily escape from cc heroes, including Arlott.

Additionally, Joy has enough damage to kill Arlott quickly, even though she is not an instant kill hero. By correctly using her second skill, Joy can even render Arlott powerless.

How to Use Joy Effectively Against Arlott?

When using Joy against Arlott, it is essential to understand the timing of her second skill usage. To defeat Arlott, it is essential to use the second skill accurately and quickly. By doing this, Joy can easily kill Arlott.

If you are having difficulty defeating Arlott in Mobile Legends, Joy is an excellent choice of hero to counter her. Joy’s immune skill and lethal damage make her an incredibly effective hero against Arlott. By understanding the timing of her second skill, you can quickly and easily defeat Arlott in the game.

About Mobile Legends

Moonton created and release Mobile legends, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game. It was released in 2016  for iOS and Android devices.

In the game, two teams of five players each control hero characters and compete against each other on a virtual battlefield. Each team tries to destroy the other team’s “base” while also defending their own. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s base and be the last team standing.

Players can choose from a variety of hero characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. The game also features various in-game items and abilities that players can use to strengthen their hero and gain an advantage over their opponents.

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC:

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