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Have you ever been frustrated by master Yi, and Sona because you can’t kill them in the game? Well, I have, and it is so annoying when you are sure that you can kill that stupid champion but then they heal so fast in the game. Well, worry no more, because today we will give you some of the tips or guide for anti heals.

3 Anti Heals in the game!

There are 3 types of anti heals that you can use in the game, which are: Skill based anti heals, Item, and lastly Spell. These can counter the in-game heals such as Sona Heals, Master Yi Heals, Spell Vamp, LifeSteal, and any skills that can regen your enemies health.

Skill Based Anti Heals

There are many things that can be used to disturb enemies heal. Sadly currently there is only one skill-based Champion in League of Legends Wild Rift that has been released to disturb enemies heal which is Varus with his 2nd skill.

Item Based Anti Heals

Thankfully there are ways to get anti heal easily in this game, which is by buying items. Of course, it will use up a slot in your equipment, but it is a small price to pay rather than getting annoyed by the enemies heal right. Well, this is why you will need to buy an item with the effect of “Grievous Wounds”.

For Mage: Morellonomicon

For Fighter/Physical damage dealer: Mortal Reminder

For Tanker: Thornmail


The only spell that can reduce the enemy’s heal is “Ignite”. Aside from dealing true damage to the enemies, this spell will also reduce their heals by 40%.

Hopefully, with these little tips, you will be able to kill those annoying Master Yi in the game, or Sona when they got her. Well, if you got any other tips you want to share, comment down in the article below.

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