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Exciting news for Chainsaw Man fans as the collaboration between Chainsaw Man and NIKKE has finally begun! For the next 20 days, you can try your luck to get the Power and Makima characters in the action-packed shooter RPG game, NIKKE.

The NIKKE x Chainsaw Man event offers a fascinating storyline to play, in addition to the three Chainsaw Man characters available in the game. The event also includes daily login rewards and several missions to be completed each day. Moreover, you can also purchase a special NIKKE x Chainsaw Man battle pass to get additional rewards while participating in this event. You can even get the Himeno character for free!

Currently, there will be two updates in the collaboration storyline, so there will be plenty of Chainsaw Man content to enjoy. Power, Makima, Himeno, Denji, and Aki will all appear in the plot, making this event suitable for fans of the anime and manga series Chainsaw Man.

If you’re unable to get Power or Makima through the character banner in 200 pulls, you can use the special currency to buy one of these characters.

NIKKE is becoming one of the best Gacha RPG games to play on the Google Play store for Android and the iOS App Store, and it has also been released on PC. With its collaboration with Chainsaw Man, fans can expect an even more thrilling gaming experience.

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