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Guide Arena Breakout lists all the weapon in the game. Arena Breakout is a new mobile game similar to Escape from Tarkov which is one of the most anticipated games out there right now. This shooter game, which comes from a company from China, namely Tencent Games, presents a new gameplay and a breath of fresh air for games of the same genre.

This is because the mechanics presented by the game provide realistic effects compared to other mobile games, and on this occasion, we will provide a guide regarding the Breakout Arena with a list of all the weapons in the game. Check out the following article to get the list.

Arena Breakout Guide All Weapon List

Arena Breakout Weapon Guide

Arena Breakout Weapon Guide

At present, Arena Breakout features no less than 8 usable weapons, each with its own set of stats and special features Here are the weapon list:

Assault Riffle:

Assault Rifle is one of the most often utilized weapons in Breakout Arena other shooter games of the same genre. Assault Rifles’ range, fire rate, and damage are all very useful characteristics to have in a variety of settings.

  • AKM
  • AK-74N
  • AKS74U
  • M4A1
  • FAL
  • H416
  • MDR
  • AK-102

Sub Machine Gun (SMG)

Submachine Guns, or SMGs, are effective weapons between short and medium ranges. As a result of their rapid reload time and high fire rate, SMGs are a popular choice among players.

  • MP5
  • Uzi
  • UMP45
  • MPX
  • P90


DMRs are designated marksman rifles which are a combination of traditional assault rifles with bolt action sniper rifles. This one weapon requires players to aim before shooting with a fire rate that is not too high. Suitable for long range fights.

  • SVDS
  • VSS
  • MK-14
  • SR-25

Bolt-action sniper rifles

Bolt Action Sniper rifle requires aim, and has high damage that can be used to kill enemies in just 1 shot. Unfortunately, this weapon is quite difficult to use.

  • Mosin Nagant
  • AX50


The shotgun’s pellets are meant for short range warfare, allowing it to be utilized to kill adversaries up close. Yet, the further apart you are, the less damage you will take.

  • M870
  • Saiga-12

Light machine gun

Light machine gun are effective weapons due to their mobility and ease of use, but their frighteningly Slow reload time is a major drawback.

  • RPK-16:

Above is the list of Weapon in the recently released Chinese version of the breakout arena for Android and iOS. Hopefully, this guide will help you identify the greatest weapons in this mobile game, and when the Global edition is published, we’ll have access to better and more intriguing weapon possibilities.

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