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Tier List for Code: Seed is finally released globally in android and iOS, those that are interested in the game should definitely check out below. Those that are looking forward the 3D mobile RPG games should definitely check out the character that you can use as your team mates. Here are some of the best character in the game.

The character might be used in some scenarios and depending on the synergy, team build, elements, role and more, there might be some changes. With Tier S as the most powerful character and Tier D as the semi overpowered character. but here are some of the best character in the game that you should definitely check out.

Tier List Code: Seed, Best Character in The Game!

Here is a tier list of the best characters from the RPG game Code: Seed. With Tier S being the strongest and Tier D being the weakest. If you do not agree, please provide information on our site and the reason so that we can consider the tier list and update it.

Tier S:

  • Newton
  • Einstein
  • Hector
  • Caesar

Tier A:

  • Roland
  • Alexander
  • Beethoven
  • Achiles

Tier B:

  • Galahad
  • Cid
  • Jiang Shang
  • Zhuge Liang

Tier C:

  • Napoleon
  • Imagawa Yoshimoto
  • Zhao Yu
  • Fei Hung Wong
  • Copernicus

Tier D

  • Siegfried
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Paracelsus

Reroll Guide in Code: Seed:

Code: Seed Tier List

We recommend that you use the emulator to make it easier to reroll several times because it has a multi-instance feature to find the team composition you want. One of them is in the LDPlayer Emulator which can be downloaded at [the following link]!

After downloading and installing LDPLayer, press Multi-Instance which will allow you to open as many android emulators as your PC or laptop can. Then follow the Code: Seed gacha reroll guide below!

Here is the Guide to Code: Seed’s gacha reroll:

  • In the Account section below the home screen, press the sign in by using guest character or use your email
  • Create your character
  • Finish the tutorial and Gacha your character
  • Reinstall and repeat until you get a tier S character.

In Code: Seed, one can only hope that sufficient rerolls will allow one to assemble an awesome team. We wish you luck.

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