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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) players have something to look forward to with the launch of the latest skin on the original server. The Brody MPL skin is now available and can be purchased directly from the shop for 749 diamonds.

However, for the first week, there is a 30% discount, making the price 524 diamonds. If you have additional discount coupons worth 20, 50, or even 100 diamonds, you can get this skin for an even cheaper price.

Brody MPL Skins is Cheaper when…

Not only that but the Brody MPL skin can also be obtained through the MPL Surprise Box for 20 diamonds. However, you must be prepared to buy draws up to 37 times or worth 740 diamonds to maximize your chances of getting this skin.

However, a Mobile Legends content creator, VY Gaming, has proven that buying the Brody MPL skin through the MPL Surprise Box is not very profitable. He has tried it on all his accounts, and the maximum result he got was only on the 30th draw, or worth 600 diamonds.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy this skin directly from the shop for 524 diamonds. You can compare for yourself which one is more cost-effective for you, or if you’re still curious, you can try buying it through the MPL Surprise Box.

However, make sure you are ready for the possible risks and still follow our advice to buy it directly from the shop.

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