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One Piece Fighting Path is definitely one of the most fascinating mobile Action RPGs that are sought by many people. Especially for non-Chinese users. Mainly because the game gives what we seek in One Piece games. Sadly there have been many issues in login into the games, and as such we are here to give you some of the answers. Here Roonby had written a brief guide on how to log into the game and the download link. Check it out!

Download One Piece Fighting Path:

In the previous article that we had made, we told you guys to use taptap as one of the APK files that can be used to log in to the game. Sadly this method is harder than it should be and many people had been having a problem making an account from Toutiao and Douyin which is Chinese TikTok [Believe me I tried].

My only method to play the game is by using another app store that managed to pass the login by using the app much like Google Play, and many have been using it to play the game. Here’s how:

Note: Since I use an emulator to play the game, The screenshot provided will be on LDPLayer. You can download it from this link [here] to follow the account creation. But you can also use your phone to download the game

Download the app called 4399 or by using this link [here]

One Piece Fighting Path Installation tutorial with Screenshot:

After that Install the APK Files immediately on your phone or emulator. Make an account on 4399 by following the image below:

First Image: After Installing, Click the bottom right corner of the apps to make your account.

Second Image: Tap the profile picture to create your account immediately.

Third Picture: You can log in by using QQ, WeChat, or that icon, or by making a new user name immediately. Tap the below green tab to change it to user name.

Fourth Picture: Insert your username id and password or whatever you want to create an account in 4399. Remember to check the little button above the green tab, before clicking the green tab. Afterwards your account will be created.

Fifth Picture: Horray Your account is created.

Sixth Picture: Go back to the lobby by clicking the home button, and then search for One Piece Burning Path in the apps store.

Seventh Picture: Download and wait for the download to finish to install the game!

Tutorial on How to Make a One Piece Burning Path [CN] Account:

Now that you had install the game on your emulator or your phone, you will need to create an account first before you are able to play the game. Here’s the tutorial with a screenshot:

Open the game and you will immediately be given a 4399 logo in the front, no need to panic as the game is downloaded from there so there’s no problem regarding that.

First image: Tap the box, to begin the game, and then tap the yellow button below the server listed.

Second Image: You will get a pop up to login to the game by using 4399 accounts, click on the green button.

Third Image: The account will immediately be linked to your game even if you don’t tap the button.

Fourth Image: For the hard part, you will need to input a real Chinese Name, and ID from the country, and you can’t fake it. You got 3 tries for this, and you can clear cache if you fail to do that. Thankfully I got a list of Chinese Name and ID on this excel file here!

Note: To read the ID, the B tab is for the name and the C tab is for the ID

Fifth Image: Input the Chinese ID and Name that you had copied and paste it to the respective image. Tap the green button. You can now play the game!

Here’s the proof that you can play the game with Emulator:

Now if you had any problem regarding the account creation, then please refer to our Facebook Page: Roonby or Twitter @roonbycom to get the answer that you needed. Thank you for reading this long article regarding the account creation of One Piece Fighting Path, and have a really nice day!

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