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One of the things that can a game more challenging is an achievement that let you immerse in the game more. It also add some goals to the gameplay. However, there are also some achievements that is unreasonable. For example, take one of the game Night of the full moon achievement called “Minimalism”. It is in a game where cards are your weapons to kill the enemies, you can only take 10 cards to finish the achievement.

Now, if you are wondering how to complete it then today we will give you an easy to understand guide so that you are able to complete the Minimalism Achievement.

1. Take Either Magician, Little Witch or Nun

Each jobs has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example: rangers needs action, little witch and magician needs mana, or lady knight that needs attack and equipment.

Now, your goal is to minimize your deck. It means that you will need a burst damage cards that use combo to kill the enemies. Which is why magician or little witch is your choices.

Magician got a replenished cards that let you use it again and again, while little witch if played right will be able to deal massive damage in a single turn. Which is why i really recommend you to use these jobs. Nun is the best, because you don’t need to buy any cards just simply change it to your liking.

2. Crystal Balls is Life

Basically, one of the best cards if you wanted to complete this challenge. This cards lets you temporary gain the copy of your next card. This card is basically one of your main card if you wanted to beat the minimalism challenge using magician or little witch. This spell is very versatile and can be use in any situation.

3. Prophecy

One of the most synergy item with Crystal Balls. This card let you pick what kind of cards you wanted to use while also seeing the order of your deck. With this item, you will be able to know what cards that you are going to get next. Added with Crystal Balls cards, you will be able to maximize its effect, making it one of the best cards in your deck.

4. Decoction

The third best cards if you want to win the Achievement Minimalism. This cards lets you draw a random card that can be use while you are battling the monster.

If you combine it with the cards Crystal ball, then you will be able to gain more card, that in turn lets you utilize more cards than 10 but still able to finish the achievement.

5. You can gain more Cards, but remember to…

There are a little tricks to use more cards than 10, but in the end remember to use the amnesia store to forget the rest that you don’t need before you kill the boss.

6. Try to kill The Boss that you think you can

In regards to your already used 3 cards (Crystal balls, Decoction, and lastly Prophet) you will still be able to gain 7 others. The other cards can be exchange after you use the amnesia store, before you kill the boss. Of course, you can use the nun ability to change your cards.

Now, you will know which cards and combos that are perfect for which opponents. Which is why, the last choice is yours to make.

If you die, simply close the game and open it up again and press continue. You will be able to pick out the boss that you wanted again.

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