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Mobile Legends, a highly popular MOBA game in Indonesia and around the world, is adding a new rank in the upcoming season. Initially, Moonton only announced through social media that a new rank would be added between Mythic and Mythical Glory. However, a well-known leaker, ML Daily, has announced the name of the new rank in Mobile Legends: Mythical Triumph.

How to Reach Mythical Triumph Mobile Legends?

In Mobile Legends Season 28, players who have reached Mythic rank will have two stages before reaching the highest rank, Mythical Glory. First, they must pass the regular Mythic rank from 0 to 24 stars. After that, players will move up to the new rank, Mythical Triumph, from 25 to 49 stars before finally reaching the highest rank, Mythical Glory, at 50 stars.

This new ranking system will be implemented in Mobile Legends Season 28, which will be released in approximately 30 days. Players around the world are eagerly anticipating this change in the ranking system. With the addition of this new rank, players will have a new challenge in maintaining or improving their rank in the game.

For players who want to reach the highest rank, Mythical Glory, start preparing now. Players must continue to practice, hone their skills, and work together with their teammates. Don’t forget to use heroes and items that fit the strategy used.

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