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Krafton has released the highly anticipated update for the popular mobile battle royale game, PUBG New State, in February 2023. This is a significant update, introducing a new map Lagna that has been teased by the New States Mobile Developer for some time. In addition, there is a new Survivor Pass, map changes, weapon gameplay mechanics, and numerous bug fixes and improvements.

New State Mobile Update – New Map Lagna

Lagna is the most recent map in PUBG New State, and it is inspired by deserts and barren landscapes. It is a 4×4 km area with the best battles taking place at mid-range across ridges. There are various traversal options for exploring the map.

The majority of them will be accomplished via a new zip line, but there will also be two new vehicles to be aware of. Rex is a fuel truck with a high durability rating that can accommodate up to four players. The second is Action, an electric quad bike for two that has a high top speed. A new Scout Lagna event will be available to celebrate the release of the new map.

New Weapon Gameplay Mechanics

The weapon screen vibrations have been modified to ensure proper application. The SR, Mini-14, and SL8 have all had their prices reduced, while the P90 has had theirs raised. The damage dealt by Blue Zones at the end of the game has been increased, while the weight limit for Drone Store purchases has been removed. From now on, the Training mode will have unlimited ammo and fuel.

New Survivor Pass

This update brings Volume 16 of the Survivor Pass to the battle royale. It is led by Jenny Quick and can be obtained for free by completing all Story Missions. Premium Pass holders will be able to purchase the New State Jenny Quick costume, while Plus members will receive additional rewards.

Players who are interested in this update can now download New State Mobile on Android and iOS!

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