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TikTok, the Chinese-owned video-sharing app, has faced a wave of bans and restrictions from governments around the world over concerns about privacy and security. Most recently, the US and Canada have banned the use of TikTok on government-issued mobile devices, citing fears about data security and potential access to sensitive information by the Chinese government.

Allegations to Share its User’s Data are One of the Reason

TikTok Banned

TikTok Banned

TikTok has long denied allegations that it shares user data with China or collects more data than other social media companies. However, many experts and lawmakers remain wary, citing China’s history of electronic espionage and cyberattacks on Western countries.

Shawn Henry, chief security officer for cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, has described the app as “another opportunity” for China to access people’s information and potentially influence public opinion.

Aside from the US, Here are some countries that banned TikTok

The US ban applies only to government devices, but some lawmakers are pushing for a wider ban on the app. Meanwhile, the European Parliament, European Commission, and EU Council have all banned TikTok on staff devices due to concerns about data privacy and the app’s influence on young people.

Ireland’s data protection regulator is investigating the app over alleged transfers of user data to China that may breach the country’s laws, and the company may face fines of up to 6% of its annual revenue under the EU’s new Digital Services Act.

India was among the first countries to ban TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps over privacy and security concerns in 2020, shortly after a deadly clash between Indian and Chinese troops at a disputed border

. Taiwan and Pakistan have also temporarily banned TikTok, citing concerns about immoral content and protecting young people, respectively. Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have banned TikTok and the Chinese game PUBG for similar reasons.

As governments around the world grapple with the rise of Chinese tech companies and their potential impact on national security, it seems likely that TikTok will continue to face scrutiny and restrictions in many countries.

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