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Mobile Legends, one of the most popular mobile games in the world, has always been focused on creating an exciting and engaging gameplay experience for its users.  As part of their ongoing efforts to keep the game fresh and interesting, the developers frequently experiment with updating heroes that were previously unpopular and out of the meta. The latest update patch for Mobile Legends brings a significant buff to the fighter hero Freya.

Freya is a fighter hero who hasn’t been in the meta recently due to her late-game skills that are not suitable for the current skill-heavy meta. However, the latest update patch for Mobile Legends will significantly buff Freya’s skill 1 and skill 2, improving her cooldown and casting skills.

According to VYGaming, who has already analyzed the advanced server of Mobile Legends, Freya will receive this significant buff, which will be included in the patch note 1.7.62 or the next update patch.

The question remains: will this buff make Freya a more popular hero among Mobile Legends players? Only time will tell how this update will affect Freya’s popularity in the game.

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