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Free Fire finally gives us the information regarding the latest open beta which is the OB39. Although the OB update is launched first, the Advanced Server is distributed first. As usual, the upcoming Free Fire OB39 Advance Server has started accepting registrations, as it prepares to be reopened for testing.

The Advanced Server is usually used by enthusiastic testers to report bugs and offer suggestions to programmers. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to try out various features that have not yet been added to the main game.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server and how to register for March 2023 in an effort to make everything as easy as possible for you.

Download Free Fire Advance Server OB39 APK File:

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering for the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server:

  1. Go to the Registration Site

Click on this link to go to the official Free Fire registration page. This is the official website of the advanced server where players will fill in some details.

  1. Login via Facebook

Click on the “Login via Facebook” and click on it. Sign in by using your Facebook in Free Fire.

  1. Download Free Fire OB39 APK File

After successfully filling in all the columns, the client APK download page should appear with the .apk file link. That’s it! Now, wait for the activation code and then you can launch the advance server game file.

Free Fire OB39 APK File Size:

There is no need to uninstall the original Free Fire because the advance server is treated as a separate application. To install the game remember to Make sure you have enough memory and storage space. This is because the APK size is estimated to reach more than 1GB.

In addition, all players will be locked out when the advance server testing period is over, but you can still use your account to play in the main game.

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