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Those interested in playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, should definitely check out and download the Skyline Emulator, which is an open source Nintendo Switch emulator for android phone.

Pokemon Sword and Shield finally gets an awesome android emulation upgrade, with a new video showing the Pokemon android experience in Skyline Edge Emulator. The emulator can emulate most games’ wide open areas without issue and has a super smooth FPS of 80 frames per second.

Skyline itself is an open-source Nintendo Switch Emulator that you can use to emulate any Switch games on android. The emulator offer a smooth and stable gameplay to those that wants to play Nintendo games but don’t have the console for.

Skyline itself is free to use and download, but the edge version that are shown in the gameplay above is not accessible for free. Those that are interested will need to pay and support the development by using Patreon. There you will get a new GPU codes, with more game compatibility, that makes most games available playable without any problem.

Here’s how to Download Skyline Not ‘Edge’ version:

Note: This emulator for copyright issue, won’t be releasing the Pokemon game with it, you will need to download or buy the game seperately.

With the emulator, Those that are looking forward to playing Pokemon Sword and Shield can finally play it. The game that had been released since 2019, is available to be played on your android phone. Those that are looking forward to the updated version of the game should most definitely check out the development in Github, official website or Discord.

Sadly, we currently don’t have the early access Edge version to download, and those that are looking forward to download the emulator should subscribe to the Patreon to get the code officially.

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