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Guide on how to use Aura for the perfect combo in Valiant Force 2. Are you a fan of Valiant Force 2 and looking for ways to enhance your gameplay?

Well, you’re in luck because today’s guide is all about mastering the aura skills in Valiant Force 2. With its unique features and a new cast of heroes, this game has taken the global gaming community by storm.

Among the different battle techniques and stunning in-game events, the aura skills have become a hot topic among players. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to make the perfect aura combo in Valiant Force 2. So, get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!

Valiant Force 2 Aura Explanation

Valiant Force 2 Aura Guide

In Valiant Force 2, the aura system is an essential part of the gameplay. It works by linking characters on a team formation grid, and when certain requirements are met, the aura triggers activate and are applied to the linked characters.

There are different types of aura skills available in the game, and each character has one aura skill. These aura skills have different icons that make them easily recognizable to players.

The skill effect or aura trigger will differ depending on the aura skill type.

The main aura skill types in Valiant Force 2 include those that trigger when the unit is healed, granted a buff, attacks, uses an active skill, performs a debuff, and receives damage.

Understanding the icons and types of aura skills can help players create the best combos and perform well in tactical battles.

Valiant Force 2 Aura Guide to Make the Perfect Combo!

In Valiant Force 2, each character has an aura skill that can be triggered when certain conditions are met. To create a perfect aura combo, you need to position characters on a grid in a way that triggers each of their aura skills.

When you connect two characters, you’ll see one or two color lines connecting them, representing the aura triggers. Linking characters with two-colored lines can activate more than one aura trigger.

For example, when Cybella attacks an enemy, her aura skill activates, and it applies a physical defense buff to the linked character, Elise. Elise’s aura skill then activates, causing Cybella to attack the enemies. This process goes on, triggering both characters’ aura skills, allowing you to perform combos with just one aura link.

However, there’s a chance that each aura skill won’t activate, so the aura skill combo performances are limited. Haden is a healer in the team, and when Haden heals Vincent, it triggers Haden’s aura skill, causing Cybella to attack an enemy. This, in turn, triggers Cybella’s aura skill, buffing Elise or Altima, allowing you to perform aura skill combos perfectly.

What you need to know about Aura!

  1. Aura system works by linking characters together in a team formation grid, triggering aura skills when certain requirements are met.
  2. Each character in the game has one aura skill with a unique icon representing its type.
  3. There are six main aura skill types: heal, buff, attack, active skill, debuff, and receive damage.
  4. To make a perfect aura combo, players need to link characters together in a way that each character’s aura skill triggers in sequence.
  5. Aura triggers are represented by colored lines connecting the characters in the squad preparation menu. One line represents one aura trigger, while two lines represent multiple aura triggers.
  6. The chance of an aura skill activating is not guaranteed and depends on a percentage chance for each skill.
  7. Positioning characters in the right square on the formation grid is crucial to trigger the desired aura skills.
  8. Combining aura skills can give players a strategic advantage in battles, making it important to learn and master the aura system.

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