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Are you an avid player of the game Tower of Fantasy, Then you’re in luck because you can now get a pet in the game! Here’s how.

While there are plenty of wild creatures roaming the planet Aida, you can’t just tame any of them and turn them into pets. But don’t worry, with the arrival of the Mirafleur Moonshade update last December, you can now adopt and take care of pets in your own room.

Here’s How to Get Pet in Tower of Fantasy

So, how can you get a pet in Tower of Fantasy? Just like real-life pets, you’ll need to feed, water, and take care of your pet’s other needs regularly. The process of adopting a pet is easy. You just need to visit the Mirroria District C and use the Cruiser to travel to Coolyland.

Pets Tower of Fantasy

There, you’ll find the Pet House, where you can interact with the shopkeeper named Tridi. Tridi will give you a choice of nine pets, along with their prices:

  1. Mittens (Cat) – 300 Mira
  2. Misty (Cat) – 300 Mira
  3. Ginger (Cat) – 400 Mira
  4. Turty (Cat) – 500 Mira
  5. Mars (Dog) – 300 Mira
  6. Marvel (Dog) – 500 Mira
  7. Chocolate (Duck) – 200 Mira
  8. Snowball (Rabbit) – 200 Mira
  9. Alabaster (Fennec Fox) – 700 Mira

Once you’ve chosen your pet, make sure to buy its food, water, and bed. Finally, visit the Mirafleur Hall and take the elevator to the Guest Room. Inside the Guest Room, you’ll find the Pet Den, where you can place your pet and its belongings.

You can adopt up to four pets, but make sure to give them proper care and attention. If you release your pet, you won’t be able to call it back. So, choose your pet wisely and be a responsible pet owner in Tower of Fantasy!

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