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Mobile Legends players have been eagerly anticipating the 515 Yellow Diamond event in 2023. This event provides players with the opportunity to obtain yellow diamonds that can be used to purchase heroes, skins, or any items they desire. It is said that the diamond is changing to Promo Diamond soon!

What is Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends?

Yellow diamonds serve as a currency in Mobile Legends that can be used to substitute blue diamonds. However, to use yellow diamonds, players need to have at least 1 blue diamond.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz among Mobile Legends leakers about the upcoming changes to the 515 Diamond Kuning event in 2023. This year, the yellow diamonds will be replaced with a new item called Promo Diamond All Star.

Promo Diamond All Star

Yellow Diamonds Mobile Legends

In reality, there are no significant differences between Promo Diamond All Star and the previous yellow diamond Promo Diamond. The only difference is the addition of the All Star feature. However, its function remains the same, providing discounts when purchasing heroes, skins, and other items.

According to leaks, Promo Diamond All Star can be used for various purposes, with the condition that purchasing an All Star skin requires at least 100 diamonds, and a Moonlit Wish Draw requires at least 20 diamonds.

At present, there is no new information from Moonton about whether this event will be introduced on the Original Server. Despite this, players can look forward to the upcoming event and take advantage of the chance to collect the new Promo Diamond All Star.

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