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Ragnarok Origin is a popular MMORPG that allows you to create and customize your own character. One of the key elements of character development is to increase your stats effectively. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of how to increase your stats in Ragnarok Origin.

What are Attribute Points and Stats

Every time your character levels up, you will receive attribute points that you can use to increase your character’s stats.

These stats directly affect how well your character performs in combat. However, not all classes require every stat.

Depending on the class and the role you wish to perform, you might find that it’s best to stick to no more than three stats.

Choosing the Right Stats for Your Class

For instance, a Swordsman can be built as a tank or a DPS. To achieve the former, you simply need to sink most of your points into VIT to make them basically unkillable. On the other hand, by sinking points into STR, DEX, and AGI, a Swordsman can become a decent DPS class.

To further illustrate, here’s a brief rundown of the most important aspects that each of these parameters can affect:

  • STR: Increases damage of melee weapons and maximum inventory weight.
  • AGI: Increases attack speed and FLEE.
  • VIT: Increases max HP, defences, and HP regen.
  • INT: Increases magic attack, max SP, and SP regen.
  • DEX: Increases damage of ranged weapons, hit chance, and casting speed.
  • LUK: Increases crit rate and crit defence.

How to Reset Your Stats in Ragnarok Origin

If you think you’ve made a mistake by levelling the wrong stats early on, you can always reset your attributes by using a Reset Stone.

You get three of these items for free early on, though you’ll need to pay for it using Catnip if you wish to reset your stats again later on.

Luckily, you really don’t need to respec with most classes—the only cases where you really need to do this is either if you made a mistake, or you wish to switch roles such as in the Swordsman example we mentioned above.

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