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If you enjoy Musou games, you will undoubtedly be familiar with Dynasty Warriors. The game is very popular because it features a variety of characters who can kill and destroy a variety of enemies in the game. The genre is so popular that even One Piece, a popular anime game, is developing their own musou game called Pirate Warriors, which is inspired by Dynasty Warriors.

If you like the genres, or if you like the Dynasty Warrior series in general. In 2023, here are some of the best Dynasty Warriors/Musou Games for Android! Check it out!

Dynasty Warriors Like Games on Android 2023!

1. Dynasty Legends 2

DYNASTY LEGENDS 2 is a complete evolution of the Hack & Slash ARPG game. Thrilling battle experience, wipe out thousands of enemies all by yourself, become the overlord of the Three Kingdoms. Stunning graphics, bring you back to chaotic ancient battlefields.

Dynasty Legends is built with NEXT GEN technology to provide you with the best experience on your phone. On the same screen, you can rebuild a vast ancient battlefield with hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Play with your friends in various pvp modes such as 1v1, 3v3, and even 60v60, all in a battle of skills with other players. Not only that, but you can also play with your friends to form a good team and combine your combos in Dynasty Legends 2!

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2. Dynasty Warriors: Overlord

Dynasty Warriors: Overlord is officially authorized by Koei Tecmo of Japan. In the game, you can act as a valiant general to charge alone against enemies and conquer this chaotic world where famous heroes are revealed one after another. The game exclusively restores the fun of two-button-mashing with no skill cooldown on consoles and the powerful Musou Dance.

Also, it recreates an immersive personal experience of charging alone on the battlefield against thousands of enemies! Besides relieving the epic stories of Wei, Shu, Wu, and Jin kingdoms, the game also brings us all the generals, large maps, and classic modes in Dynasty Warriors. Build your own Kingdom of passion. Feel the ultimate experience of Dynasty Warriors on your mobile phones!

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3. Dynasty Blade 2

Dynasty Blade 2: ROTK Infinity Glory is a mobile adventure that allows you to rewrite a favorite classic from the ancient mysterious history of Three Kingdoms in order to fulfill your unique destiny. Choose powerful weapons, destroy enemies, and engage in intense combat as you hack and slash your way through the vast open world! In large-scale PVP battles, use magical fire to defend friends and defeat foes!

Three Kingdoms, a new generation MMORPG masterpiece with stunning graphics, awaits you! It’s a lot of fun and very simple to play! Join the addictive adventure and experience the ultimate combat experience! Choose powerful weapons, band together with friends, and fight for infinity glory!

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4. Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika: The White Nights is a fast paced action RPG with high-quality graphics and awesome gameplay similar to Dynasty Warriors Gameplay. Although the game is already pretty old, it is still very fun to play and the combat is being updated regularly. The game is still full of players, and is probably one of those old school games that can live forever.

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5. Kingom Warriors

Every sun must set, and every dynasty must come to an end. As war has engulfed the kingdoms, the glory days of the Han Empire have faded. Heroes from all over the land must band together to wrest power and glory from the looming chaos. Heroes will rise, and empires will crumble. Join the exhilarating new classic action MMO epic Kingdom Warriors today and start building your dynasty!

In an action-packed classic warfare adventure, descend into the chaos of the Three Kingdoms era and discover your destiny! Famous characters such as the cunning Cao Cao, the fearsome Lv Bu, and the noble Guan Yu take to the battlefield in this epic action MMO experience!

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There you have it, some of the best musou games/Dynasty Warriors Games that you can find on android. The game is awesome, and you can play it on your phone now. So what are you waiting for? Download and play it now if you are a fans of Dynasty Warriors!

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