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Mobile Legends players are always excited about the free Diamond Promo Event, where they can purchase skins for free with just 1 paid diamond. This is a great opportunity for players who want to own skins without spending too much money.

Previously, there were rumors that there would be 1000 free diamond promos just by logging in, but this was only applicable in the advanced server, not the original server.

Mobile Legends New Leak 2023 Free Diamond Promo Event!

Fortunately, a clearer leak has surfaced about the diamond promo event for 2023. What can you expect from this event?

Based on the leak, players can get 20 free diamond promos every day just by logging in daily. Additionally, there are 20 more diamond promos from changing quests, which are usually doable.

For the last quest, it can be quite difficult because it involves top-up or using paid skins. However, there is another option for quests that can be completed as an alternative if you cannot complete the paid quest.

How Many Free Diamonds Can You Get and When?

With this event, players can get 60 free diamond promos. The diamond promo event will run for 12-13 days in April 2023 on the original Mobile Legends server. Therefore, you can earn around 720-780 diamonds (estimated) during the event’s duration.

For those who want to have their dream skins without spending too much money, this diamond promo event can be a great opportunity. Don’t forget to prepare yourself and plan your strategies properly to get as many diamonds as possible.

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