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Mobile Legends is a popular game, and its fans are eagerly waiting for the latest skins that will be launched during the All Star 515 event in 2023. Good news for players as it was recently revealed that the new skins will be dedicated to the female heroes in the game. The All Star 515 event will feature a special performance by a secret guest with the theme “All in us,” making the event even more exciting.

4 Heroes Getting Skins in All Star 515 Event

4 Heroes Getting Skins in All Star 515 Event

Four lucky female heroes will receive new skins in this year’s All Star 515 event: Rafaela, Miya, Eudora, and Hanabi. The first skin to be launched will be Rafaela’s “Seraphic Selfie” on March 31, which will be available for free to all Mobile Legends players.

Meanwhile, Miya’s “Atomic 515” and Eudora’s “Atomic 515” skins can be purchased in the game’s shop using Promo Diamond 2023. However, players must have a minimum of 100 blue diamonds (payable) to purchase these skins. As for the last skin, Hanabi’s “Moonlit Ninja,” will be launched in an event called Moonlit draw, which will be very expensive and require many diamonds.

How to Get the 515 Skin for Free!

But don’t worry because players can also use Promo Diamond 2023 with the condition that they only do a 1x draw (not 10x draw at once) with a minimum of 20 blue diamonds per draw (costing 100 diamonds).

So, if you want to have the latest skins for female heroes in Mobile Legends, make sure to prepare enough diamonds in advance. Are you excited to wait for the latest skins to be launched? Get ready and prepare your diamonds so you can get your dream skin in the Mobile Legends All Star 515 event 2023.

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