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Are you a fan of playing marksman heroes in Mobile Legends (ML)? If so, you know that having a strong hero in the early game is crucial for winning the game. In this article, we will recommend three marksman heroes that can help you easily win in the early game.


If you’re looking for an effective marksman hero to kill opponents in the early game, Bruno is a great choice. Known as one of the strongest marksman heroes in ML, Bruno can kill opponents with just a few attacks using his Skill 1.

Bruno’s Skill 1 has very high burst damage, even from level 1, making it easy for him to defeat his opponent in lane, and even killing them is not a difficult task.


Natan Mobile Legends

Natan Mobile Legends

Natan is a marksman hero that has received several nerfs and buffs in previous updates. Despite being a marksman, Natan has magic damage abilities, and given that there are fewer magic armor items in the early game, this hero is one of the most painful heroes to face.

Moreover, Natan has several damage skills, CC, and escape skills that can be used flexibly when needed. This hero is especially suitable for those who struggle in the early game.


With his Skill 1, Granger can easily kill enemies and reduce their health. Moreover, this hero also has Skill 2 to escape and Ultimate that can be used for long-range attacks.

The most important thing to use Granger is to buy CD items so that he can spam his Skill 1 to kill minions, especially in the early game. It is essential to use Clown Boots to reduce the CD of his skill.

When choosing a marksman hero for the early game in ML, make sure to consider the factors of burst damage and passive ability. Bruno, Granger, and Natan are the three strongest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends to quickly kill opponents in the early game.

However, it’s essential to remember that no hero is perfect, and winning in Mobile Legends also depends on skill and teamwork. Therefore, practice playing with these heroes and don’t forget to play with fair play!

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