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Harvest Moon fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming Harvest Moon series: The Wind of Anthos. As one of the most beloved games in the gaming community, Harvest Moon provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience where players become farmers and manage their crops and livestock.

Developer Natsume has announced the latest series of the game, providing detailed information about the upcoming game.

Harvest Moon: The Wind of Anthos Gameplay

Harvest Moon: The Wind of Anthos

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos will be released in 2023, taking players to the land of Anthos, a home for the Harvest Sprites – the spirits that protect humans and nature. The game also features the Harvest Goddess – the goddess of nature.

Ten years ago, an unprecedented eruption occurred in the Anthos region, forcing the Harvest Goddess and her Sprites to protect the village people. While the villagers were saved, the eruption left the village separated from each other.

Harvest Moon: The Wind of Anthos

In the game, players will explore the new world, where the Harvest Goddess sends a bottle with a letter and a magical key to the sea, hoping that someday the villagers can reconnect.

For Harvest Moon fans, The Winds of Anthos is a highly anticipated game that celebrates the 25th anniversary of Harvest Moon. This will be the sixth game made by Natsume.

While the platform for the game has not been announced, it is likely to be released on Nintendo Switch and PC. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new addition to the Harvest Moon franchise!

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