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In Phase 2 of Genshin Impact 3.5, we are going to get wish event, Primogems Event, and more things to do in the game.

Genshin Impact version 3.5 – Windblume’s Breath update is now halfway through, and the first phase has brought back the exciting Windblume Festival in Mondstadt along with two story events, Manichora Chapter for Dehya and Act VI: Caibert from the Archon Questline.

While the second phase may not be as explosive as the first, players can still look forward to some thrilling gameplay events.

Genshin Impact 3.5 Phase 2 Wish Event

Genshin Impact Electro

The second phase of Genshin Impact v3.5 will feature three Wish events that will increase the drop rate of some exclusive characters and weapons until April 11:

  • The Transcendent One Returns – 5-star Lonesome Transcendence Shenhe (Cryo)
  • The Heron’s Courth – 5-star Frostflake Heron Kamisato Ayaka (Cryo)
  • Epitome Invocation – 5-star Calamity Queller Polearm and Mistsplitter Reforged Sword

Fungus Mechanicus Event

Genshin Impact 3.5 Phase 2

The event in this phase is not entirely new but inspired by past missions. The first event, Fungus Mechanicus, will begin on March 23 and run until April 3.

It is inspired by Fungus Frenzy and involves players directing fungi to defeat all Mechanici. Players can earn Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Weapons Ascension, and Artifact Enhancement Materials as rewards.

Spices from the West: Northerly Search Event

The next event is Spices from the West: Northerly Search. It will be available from March 31 to April 10 and will challenge players’ cooking skills by providing spice recipes. Players will then invite characters for a taste test to earn Companionship EXP, Primogems, and Character Talent Materials.

Finally, from April 3 to 10, players can participate in Ley Line Overflow. It involves a challenge to defeat Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation and use Original Resin.

Players can download and participate in the events mentioned above on Android, iOS, PC, and consoles.

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