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Are you an Apple Watch user who relies on Siri for information? Have you ever felt frustrated when Siri fails to give you detailed information? If so, we have the solution for you: the ChatGPT app called Petey for Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is known for being a great wearable device for tracking health and daily activities. However, with the ChatGPT app, you can easily and accurately access more detailed information.

Petey – The ChatGPT App for Apple Watch

Petey is a ChatGPT app that can be downloaded from the watchOS App Store for $4.99. You only need to pay once to enjoy all of its features. The app can be used on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models.

Petey has a simple interface. You can type or speak your question, and Petey will search the internet for an answer in an easily understandable language. The app also has a complication feature that can be added to your watch face for easier access.

However, please note that Petey cannot replace Siri as the default virtual assistant on your Apple Watch. You cannot ask Petey to set an alarm or timer on your Apple Watch. The app is only intended to be an additional source of detailed and reliable information.

ChatGPT vs. Siri: Which is Better?

Compared to Siri, ChatGPT is considered superior in terms of understanding context and providing more accurate information. With its natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can answer questions more effectively. The app is also continually updated with new features every year.

Overall, the Apple Watch is the best wearable device on the market today. Although Siri has limitations, you can still use the Petey app to find additional and accurate information.

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