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Mobile Legends has great news for its players once again. After releasing a new hero a few weeks ago, Mobile Legends are now going to revamp one of their Zodiac skins, the Minotaur Taurus. This skin is still using an old design, which is why many players have been eagerly awaiting its revamp.

The latest news was obtained from a YouTube account named iCoCow, which showcased the new effects of the Zodiac Minotaur skin in Mobile Legends. In the video, it can be seen that skill one and skill two of this zodiac skin look amazing after being revamped. However, what is most interesting about this skin is its ultimate, where a bull or the Taurus zodiac symbol appears from the ultimate.

It is still unknown when the revamp will be released on the original server. However, the news about this revamp has already made Mobile Legends players excited to try it out. It is hoped that after this revamp is released, the Minotaur Taurus skin will be sold during the period when the Taurus zodiac is in effect.

For fans of the Zodiac Minotaur skin, this is great news. Hopefully, Mobile Legends’ revamp of this skin will satisfy its players and make the game even more exciting. Stay tuned for further information regarding the Minotaur Taurus skin revamp in Mobile Legends.

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