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Here are the daily beginner guide resource for you to play in Ace Racer. Ace Racer is a racing game that places equal importance on a player’s driving skills and the state of their vehicles.

In this game, being the best driver is not enough if your cars are not upgraded and enhanced. To compete and win, players must gather as many resources as possible to gradually improve their racing vehicles and keep them on par with their driving abilities.

Ace Racer Daily Guide for Resource

Ace Racer Beginner Resource Guide

Ace Racer Beginner Resource Guide

Check Your Inbox: As soon as you gain full control of the main menu, check your inbox for rewards from completing tutorial tasks, pre-registration bonuses, and other prizes that can help you progress.

Complete Long-Term Achievements: Check your Handbook menu for long-term goals you can achieve by winning races and making a name for yourself on the tracks. While it’s not recommended to focus exclusively on these at the beginning, check your Handbook every now and then to claim pending rewards.

Participate in Different Game Modes: Score different prizes by participating in different game modes. Race modes reward different items for competing and completing challenges, while Career Mode grants plenty of gold for reaching certain scores in your personal record. License Exam can be tough, but it awards a variety of prizes for doing well, including premium currency.

Claim Your Rewards From the Rookie Program: Every time you log into the game, claim your reward from the Rookie Program. After 7 days, you’ll even be able to claim a brand new vehicle for your garage. Completing daily missions can also help you get upgrade materials and resources.

Balance Daily Missions: Make sure to balance out your daily missions with progressing in other game modes. Prioritize your efforts in the following order: 7-Day Missions (if you’re still in the Rookie Program), followed by Daily Missions, and then regular races.

Check Out Current Events: Keep an eye out for events that grant you rewards simply by playing the game. Check this section every so often to score some freebies.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Claim free rewards from your inbox as soon as you gain control of the main menu.
  2. Complete long-term achievements in the Handbook menu for additional rewards.
  3. Participate in different game modes to get various rewards, such as gold and legendary vehicles.
  4. Claim daily rewards from the Rookie Program and complete daily missions for steady upgrade materials and resources.
  5. Check current events for free or easy reward

By following these tips, you can farm resources efficiently in Ace Racer and get your cars up to speed. Don’t forget to have fun on the field, interact with other players, and try your best to come out on top.

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