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Looking for some thrilling World War games to play on your Android device? Look no further! In this article, we’ve rounded up the 7 best Android World War offline games that you can enjoy without an internet connection.

From strategic warfare to action-packed battles, these games offer a range of experiences to satisfy your gaming cravings. So, whether you’re a history buff or just looking for some fun, these games are sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

7 Best Android World War Offline Games

1. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is an animated graphic novel-style adventure game available exclusively for Netflix members. Set in World War I, players take on the role of four unsung heroes and their faithful canine companion as they cross paths and survive the horrors of the trenches.

The game features a mix of exploration, action, and puzzles, and players will revisit historical locations and battles of the war, including the Jutland naval battle, the Meuse-Argonne offensive, and the Armistice. In addition, the game provides historical facts and authentic pictures, making it an interactive way to learn more about World War I.


2. Pacifix War Iwo Jima

“Pacifix War” is a multiplayer online tactical first-person shooter game set in modern warfare. It features team-based multiplayer battles with up to 40 players in two game modes, an extensive arsenal of vehicles and weapons to choose from, real-world environments, and realistic gameplay features such as advanced ballistics and full body awareness.

Players engage in intense encounters in the Pacific region and work with teammates to defeat the enemy using firepower and tactics.


3. Ardennes Fury

Ardennes Fury: WW2 FPS Guns Game is a mobile competitive game that allows players to control a soldier and defeat others from around the world using weapons such as fists, knives, sniper rifles, and futuristic weapons.

The game features a 20 vs 20 mode where players can earn points for their team by shooting and killing enemies while strategizing to avoid being defeated themselves. There are also four different game modes, allowing players to play alone or as part of a team.

With powerful weapons such as sniper rifles, shotguns, and more, players can collect and use them wisely to defeat enemies. The game has a simple and smooth screen, making it easy to operate and play anytime, anywhere.


4. Infinite Tanks WW2

Infinite Tanks WW2 is a tank battle game that features a unique card-driven tank building system. Players can mix and match parts of different historic tanks to create a hybrid tank that suits their playstyle. The game includes a single player campaign and competitive online multiplayer with different game modes.

There are separate progression trees for Axis and Allies, and players can unlock and upgrade tanks from both sides of the war. The game features iconic WW2 tanks and historical environments, with offline custom games including King of the Hill and Capture the Bases.


5. Crash Dive 2

Crash Dive 2 is a submarine simulator with arcade action. Players take control of a Gato-class submarine in the South Pacific to hunt enemy shipping. The game blends stealth and offense, allowing players to choose their level of aggression.

Features include a day/night cycle, weather conditions, crew health, and location-based damage. The game also offers crew management, a detailed damage control system, an upgrade tech tree, a lengthy campaign mode, and a random mission generator. Maps are both randomly-generated and based on real-world locales.


6. Ace Academy: Skies of Fury

Ace Academy: Skies of Fury is an action-packed game set during the Battle of Arras in WW1, where players experience aerial combat as both British and German pilots. The game features vintage comic-inspired visuals, beautifully crafted environments, and 10 unique planes that can be fully customized. With 100 missions, 3 game modes, and unlockable skins and player icons, players can work their way up the ranks to become the top ace of their faction.


7. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game set in World War II that focuses on squad-based tactics. Players control two American companies and engage in 15 missions based on historical battles, starting with the D-Day invasion of Normandy. The game features a redesigned interface for mobile gaming, destructible environments, and high-resolution graphics. Opposing Fronts, a DLC that adds two more campaigns, can be purchased in-game.


These seven Android World War offline games offer a diverse range of experiences for fans of the genre. From submarine simulators and aerial dogfighting to ground-based squad combat and strategic warfare, there is something for everyone.

Whether you prefer the historical accuracy of Company of Heroes or the vintage comic art style of Ace Academy: Skies of Fury, these games provide hours of engaging gameplay without requiring an internet connection. So, choose your favorite game, download it, and get ready to immerse yourself in the intense and thrilling world of World War offline gaming.

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