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If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably heard of Tower of Fantasy. The popular game has recently announced a limited edition simulacra in its global version update 2.4. The simulacra, named Lan, is set to be released on March 30 in Tower of Fantasy.

Update 2.4, titled “Under the Grand Sea,” is the latest version that brings a new region and mechanics in an underwater world. Players can now explore the new map called Underwater City Innars and dive into a fresh story and chapter.

Tower of Fantasy Lan, The Flame Tanker with Vermillion Bird as Weapon

Lan, the flame defense character, is equipped with Vermillion Bird, a unique weapon that takes the form of an umbrella to kill enemies. Lan is known as Shuzaku in Domain 09 and is characterized by a cheerful personality and innocent design that sets him apart from the rest.

From the CN version update, this character is particularly effective against frost and flame damage, while also boosting overall team damage. Lan also has high shatter damage and is considered one of the most potent shatter characters today. You can catch a glimpse of Lan and his abilities in the trailer above.

If you’re interested in playing Tower of Fantasy, you can download the game now before Lan’s release. With the new update, the game promises to provide more exciting gameplay and features, making it an enjoyable experience for avid gamers.

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