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Honkai Star Rail is a vast and wondrous universe that is full of mysteries to uncover. One such mystery is the Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles. These blue, floating orbs are scattered throughout the Herta Space Station and they hold memories that players can collect by interacting with them.

Here’s a complete guide to Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles that will help you understand what they are, how to unlock them, and where to find them.

What are Memory Bubbles?

Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles are blue orbs that float around the Herta Space Station. They contain memories that players can collect by interacting with them. These memories give players a little backstory and a few credits for their troubles.

How do I unlock Memory Bubbles?

Before you can collect all of the Memory Bubbles, you must first speak with Herta on Floor 2 of the Supply Zone. She’s located at the end of a walkway, facing a wall, and just down from a space anchor. When you approach her, interact with one of the bubbles first, or the correct conversation won’t trigger.

Afterward, Speak to Herta and ask about the bubble, where you can start interacting and collect them immediately.

Where do I find Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles?

Once you’ve unlocked the Memory Bubbles, it’s time to start collecting them. There are 20 Memory Bubbles to find, and they’re split evenly across all four map areas of the Herta Space Station. Here are the locations of the Memory Bubbles:

  • Supply Zone: 5 Memory Bubbles
  • Administration Zone: 5 Memory Bubbles
  • Laboratory Zone: 5 Memory Bubbles
  • Life Zone: 5 Memory Bubbles

To find them, simply explore each of the zones and keep your eyes peeled for the blue orbs floating around. They’re relatively easy to spot, and each one gives a satisfying little “pop” when you collect it.

What do I get for collecting Memory Bubbles?

When you interact with a Memory Bubble, you’ll get a little bit of backstory and some credits. The amount of credits you receive varies depending on the Memory Bubble you collect. Some give just a few credits, while others can give you up to 20,000 credits.

Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles are an excellent way to add a bit of backstory to your gameplay experience while also collecting some extra credits. Unlocking them is easy, but finding all 20 can be a bit of a challenge. So, hop aboard the Astral Express, and start collecting those Memory Bubbles.

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