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Among the highlights of Genshin Impact 3.7 update is the introduction of Kirara, a lovable and formidable character who serves as a courier for the prestigious Komaniya Express in the realm of Inazuma. Here are Kirara Genshin Impact information, abilities, design and more!

As one of the top couriers at the Komaniya Express, Kirara has garnered a reputation for her unparalleled efficiency and dedication. Her endearing appearance, complete with twin twirling tails, has endeared her to all who encounter her. If you want to brighten her day, a simple gesture like giving her a 5-star rating or a tasty snack is sure to put a smile on her face.

Despite her cute and gentle demeanor, Kirara is far from a pushover. Crossing the line by interfering with her work or attempting to touch her tails is a grave mistake that one should not take lightly. Kirara possesses the strength and determination to protect herself, ensuring that she can carry out her deliveries undisturbed.

Kirara Genshin Impact Gameplay Abilities:

Kirara’s addition to Genshin Impact introduces players to the second cat girl character in the game, after Diona. However, Kirara’s skill set extends far beyond her courier duties. Armed with her trusty sword, she is a formidable Dendro support character with exceptional mobility and the ability to conjure protective shields for her allies.

Elemental Skill: Neko Parcel:

Kirara’s Elemental Skill enables her to create a damage-absorbing shield that shields the entire party from harm. Moreover, by holding down the Elemental Skill, Kirara enters an Urgent Neko Parcel state, enhancing her movement speed and enabling her to engage in combat with unmatched agility.

Elemental Burst: Special Delivery Package:

Blending her combat prowess with her courier abilities, Kirara’s Elemental Burst summons a powerful Special Delivery Package that unleashes devastating AoE Dendro damage upon her opponents. Additionally, a swarm of Cat Grass Cardamoms accompanies the package, dealing supplementary damage to adversaries.

With her unique skill set and the ability to protect her allies while obliterating enemies, Kirara is sure to become a beloved addition to players’ rosters. Prepare to embark on thrilling adventures and experience the charm of this new character in Genshin Impact’s ever-expanding world.

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