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Exciting leaks have emerged from the world of Honkai: Star Rail, hinting at a forthcoming addition to the popular RPG. HoYoverse, the developer behind the game, seems to have big plans for Honkai: Star Rail, with new characters and features in the pipeline. Leaks have already unveiled the arrival of Stellaron Hunters Kafka and Silver Wolf, but now it’s time to meet Misha, a brand-new four-star Ice character set to join the roster in a future update of Honkai Star Rail.

New Content Coming to Honkai Star Rail

While anticipation builds for Honkai: Star Rail’s first post-launch Special Program, leaks have provided some insights into the upcoming Version 1.1 update. Alongside the introduction of Silver Wolf and Luocha as five-star characters, Version 1.1 is expected to bring exciting additions like a chat system.

Additionally, the previously mentioned Kafka and Blade will make their debut in Version 1.2. However, another intriguing character has recently surfaced, surprising fans with Misha’s appearance.

Misha The Next Ice Characters in Honkai Star Rail

According to leaks shared by Honkai: Star Rail leaker Affinity, Misha showcases a stunning icy design, featuring light blue hair and a color scheme dominated by blue. Described as an Ice Destruction character, Misha excels in dealing area-of-effect (AoE) damage.

Their Skill inflicts AoE damage, while their Ultimate ability bounces between multiple enemies. Misha possesses a unique “Kinetic Energy” system, which enhances their Ice attacks with increased Weakness Break and grants bonus hits with their Ultimate. Although the release date for Misha remains undisclosed, fans are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Misha’s abilities lean heavily towards dealing damage, placing them firmly on the offensive side of the Destruction Path. The leaks suggest that defensive elements are absent from their kit, similar to Clara’s Ultimate, which provides damage reduction.

Misha appears to be an excellent choice for players seeking a main or sub-DPS character, capable of swiftly exploiting Ice weaknesses. The leaks also indicate that Misha will be a formidable four-star addition to the game’s character roster upon release.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available for PC and mobile devices, providing players with a captivating RPG experience. Furthermore, fans can anticipate the development of PS4 and PS5 versions, ensuring that the game’s adventures will reach an even wider audience in the future.

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